Our business English courses for companies and individuals are designed to equip our students with useful, targeted modern English suitable for today's commercial world. Whether you are involved in customer relations, client management, sales, legal services, project management, marketing or management, in whichever business sector - service or industry - we design affordable courses that directly help improve your company's competiveness. We design all our courses according to your specific needs, based on the current abilities of your staff, including email, telephone and "small talk".

The length of each course and duration of each lesson is entirely to you, we fit around your needs, and we are more than happy to hold the lessons in your company facilities. Courses can include grammar if deemed necessary, along with mid- and end-of- courses exams. We pride ourselves on our constant and clear communication with our clients, so that you can be sure that your staff are learning what they need to learn in the timetable agreed.

Recent Business English courses for companies

Examples of our recent work for companies include a mixed course of relevant grammar and business English course for the front-office staff at CAP, aimed at improving their ability to communicate the progress of orders received, the progress of projects for clients and all the relevant administration that goes with it. For engineering firm Cattini, we created a group course that aimed at providing the staff with the basic tools needed to communicate with suppliers, clients and potential clients in English.

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For hydraulic specialists NEM, we created a mixed level-B1 20-hour course of relevant grammar and business English to give the marketing team, sales team and quality control staff greater confidence and ability to interact with existing and prospective clients. Local dairy Ferrarini and Bonetti asked us for a B1-level course that would allow their staff to present their products effectively, develop marketing and promotional materials, and respond effectively to client enquiries. NEM logoFerrarini and Bonetti



A much more specific course was delivered for local dairy firm Montanari and Gruzza, who wanted a brief targeted course to give their senior staff greater ability and confidence in spoken English ahead of an important international trade fair.

Engineering specialists Clevertech have just chosen Itinere for an English language course for their staff, aimed specifically at business communication of everyday importance, including telephoning, email and the much-feared "small talk".


Automation expert Erreuno also asked us for an English course for their managers, as did transport specialists Intec.

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